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Dr. Chasanal Rathod


Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Chasanal Rathod, MS(Orthopaedics) is a leading Pediatric Orthodpedic Surgeon based in Mumbai, India. She has special interest in Neuromuscular Disorder – Mainly Cerebral Palsy, Gait Analysis and Deformity Correction.

Having been trained internationally including Seoul, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Toronto, Dr. Chasanal Rathod has excellent exposure and experience of more than 10 years.

Dr. Chasanal Rathod is also believes in giving back to the society, to make it a better place for the future generations. The idea of helping patients create a better future for themselves, along with creating a better society led her to create a charitable organization named FOOTPRINTS – A Social Initiative which is aimed at helping individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy.

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Footprints™ – A Social Initiative is an initiative that aims to help individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy. Through our initiative, we hope to create a society where every disability – be it physical, intellectual or psychological, is accepted as a diversity to be respected and accommodated.